St Ives Cornwall Paint by Number Deluxe kit

St Ives Cornwall Paint by Number Deluxe kit

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The perfect way to spend an afternoon without leaving the comfort of your home - the St Ives Cornwall Paint by Number Deluxe kit! With the scenic coast of Cornwall, sailing boats and plenty of fishing, you can relax and feel like you're on the beach without ever taking off your slippers. Get creative and explore a world of dazzling colors with this colorful, easy-to-follow paint by number kit. Bon voyage!

This original painting by Hebe Studio has been turned into a paint by numbers kit. Each kit includes a great quality template printed canvas, a 5 brush set, and 24 handy little pots of acrylic paint.  


• 16x20” ready-to-paint premium printed canvas

• Pre-mixed acrylic paints in handy little pots

• Set of 5 paint brushes Each kit is made for success.

The areas are clearly marked and numbered so that you just match the paint with the number. Start at 1 or your favorite rules. Layer the paint for a little bit of depth. Comes in a giftable tube.

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